ML-based Attribution

Machine learning determines true incrementality and expand upon basic multi-touch attribution—so you never again have to argue with internal stakeholders over where a sale originated.

Marketing Intellegence

Harmonize your rich website click-steam data with inputs from advertising channels and CRM to transform it into consumable formats for easy analysis.

Smarter Lead Gen

An ML-based attribution algorithm provides the clearest depiction of your buyer journey possible, including offline sales activity—allowing you to understand full-funnel marketing performance.

Cart's UA is a recommendation engine that can scale growth for you.

Get unparalleled visibility of your ecommerce operations with Cart Unified Analytics, a recommendation engine to power your business strategy, promote growth and increase profitability.


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What our customers are saying

Grow your brand with’s AI-powered business recommendation engine just like these thriving businesses did.

What our customers are saying ...

Grow your brand with’s AI-powered business recommendation engine just like this thriving business did, and start seeing the payoff almost immediately with these key features and services.

Unified Analytics from

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Learn how Cart's Unified Analytics takes your data out of silos and puts it to use

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  • Partner-level service
  • A singular view of storefront, fulfillment and marketing performance metrics
  • Inventory optimization

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How Cart Unified Analytics puts your ecommerce data to work.

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Stop wasting time digging for data.

Spend more time driving revenue.

  • Grow profits up to 20% with machine learning & multi-touch attribution.

  • Boost AdSpend returns up to 10% with automated campaign optimization.

  • Reduce inventory expense up to 15% with built-in quality control & end-to-end visibility.

Connectors and integrations’s AI-powered data dashboard integrates seamlessly with your favorite data and ads platforms.


Cart Pixel - For marketing intelligence, and machine learning attribution.

Search Console - Monitor Google Search results and site data in a unified experience.

Google Analytics - Study web performance and better understand customers content performance.


Google Ads - Optimize campaign budgets, acquisitions cost and targeted audiences.

Facebook Ads - Monitor performance data across channels and pinpoint trends.

Mailchimp - Measure impact and target audiences, campaign effectiveness, and subscriber behavior.


Amazon - Analyze Amazon data and activate multichannel merchandising strategy.

eBay - Sync fulfillment, shipping and inventory levels in eBay stores.

Walmart - Leverage store data on orders, products, categories, shipments, customers, etc.

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